Looking for an app or a expert enable the below 4 'bundle & save' requirements work?

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Key requirements:

  1. I need the following upsell messages need to sit next to the items in the cart drawer
    - 'Buy 1 more - save 10%' (when when customers have two items in their cart).
    - 'Buy 1 more - save 12%' (for when when customers have three items in their cart).
    - 'Buy 4 or more - save 15%' (for when when customers have four items in their cart). 
  2. I want to show tiered discount table - with 3 levels of % discount - on my product page - under the product description.
  3. I want the ability to offer bulk discounts on multiple variants. I.e. applies to all products in my store.
  4. I want the cart to show the bundle and save discount separate to any other discount in the check-out.

    Please note, as I have a small product range and all my products look very similar, I do not want a frequently bought together app. 

Thank you for all guidance.

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I’d like to know as well