Looking for an app that can apply a simple badge to the thumbnail based on either Collection or Tag

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I have a store for used guitars and related accessories. https://caskmusic.ca/

I sell a very diverse mix of new, used, and consignment items. I take trade-in's, so in some cases I sell the same model both new and used. It would be great if I could use a subtle badge or logo sort of overlay on the thumbnail to give a clear visual indicator between these categories, when the user is seeing the collection page(s).

I have found some Apps that do a version of this, but they don't have the categories I need, and are not sufficiently customizable.

Can anybody suggest an app, or another way to accomplish this?

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Yes, I got your requirement, Actually you don't need to purchase any app for this, This is straight forward approach, We can do that with some custom functionality, 

Will discuss further, if you wish.

I have a 6 years of working experience in Shopify and 10 years of experience in web development. Willing to join in team. Have complete knowledge in building apps and Shopify store. I have worked in 50+ stores and 10+ apps in my carrier

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Hi @SteveCask,

Wondering if you tried Product Badges app like ModeMagic, you can quickly customize the badge then apply it to your product thumbnail quickly, choose by collection or custom multiples products.

They're Shopify award winner for the best UX app so it's worth giving it a try.

Hope you find that helpful.


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Hi @SteveCask, I would +1 checking out ModeMagic—we do exactly this PLUS you can create a custom badge or request any designs you have in mind! You can also automate these badges with 0 code (ex: if the inventory = 0, the badge will update to "Out of Stock").

Thanks for suggesting this @PageFly!

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