Looking for an app that can create variants as different quantities of other variants

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I've been trying forever now to find an app that allows creation of product variants as multiplication of other variants.

Here's an example. I'm selling stickers in my shop and I want to give customers incentives to buy more of them. I want to be able to offer the following as variations of the product:

1 Sticker [SKU 123456]

5 Stickers [Qty 5 of SKU 123456]

25 Stickers [Qty 25 of SKU 123456]

But at the time that the order is created, if the customer chose 5 or 25 stickers, I want the order to be created with a quantity of 5 or 25 of SKU 123456. The reason is that I have apps that automatically grab new orders for fulfillment and they don't allow quantity variants.

I looked into a bunch of bundling apps and while it seems like there are plenty of ways to keep inventory up to date, none of these apps will result in an order with the original SKU and different quantity.


I hope my question is clear but I'm happy to clarify further if not.

Thanks in advance!