Looking for an app to add informations to packing slips

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Hi everyone, 


So I'm struggling here to find a SIMPLE way to achieve what I want here. So here is my problem, 


Let's do an example so that's it's easy to understand


I have 2 different products on my online store. Product A and Product B.  Product A is a white crewneck with a cat print on it and Product B is a white crewneck (the same) with a dog print on it. My SKU's for the 2 product are the same and I'm using simple sync to manage my inventory. When a customer buys product A, it automatically reduces quantities for product B. So that works perfectly and I can't change the SKU's or else the app won't sync them anymore. Now, we just made an arrangement with a partner that will store our inventory and do print on demand with us. The way the partner works usually is that they ask to put the informations of the print (name of the print, placement and size) in the SKU's, thing that I can't do because it will unsync my products. So I need to find a way to tell my partner that Product A  with the SKU : CREWNECK-WHITE-S has to be printed with CAT_FRONT_12 (name of the print) and that Product B has to be printed with DOG_BACK_12. Is there a way I can add that information somewhere so that when the partner receive the order, they can automatically see the informations regarding the print ? 

Thanks for helping !

It looks like the long-term solution would be to create a custom Private Shopify app with all the features you are looking for. If you need me to set this up feel free to email me at LMPTechSolutions@gmail.com