Looking for an app to allow my customers to filter my products store-wide using a single button.

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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for an app, can't seem to find what I'm looking for myself. I would consider hiring someone if it's not going to cost too much, or if you run an app that can do what I'm looking for then please feel free to direct me to it.

What I'm trying to do is add a little floating button on all pages that will allow my customers to show or hide products that have a particular tag. There are lots of filters to do this on search results, but I don't want it just on search results. I want it to effect general browsing as well.

For context, the situation is that I run a small store in New Zealand. I hold some stock locally, and some of my products are drop-shipped.  However, because we're in the middle of nowhere, drop-shipping takes forever to get here, so some customers don't like drop-shipped items. I'm already very up-front about which items are drop-shipped and which are held locally, but I would like to add the ability for customers to completely hide drop-shipped items if they so desire.  

Anyone got any ideas on how I could make that work? 

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Hello @Abbykins 

Yes, it is possible to make an app. Kindly share your details with me. I can help you built the app as per your requirements. Kindly Skype me at: live:.cid.3a4bb2177903b1be or email me at Sandeepsingh.shinedezign@gmail.com

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It seems to be pretty easy with this app: https://apps.shopify.com/ultimate-search-and-filter-1. Please contact the team for customization.