Looking for an app to create bundles and track inventory of bundled products

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We are looking for an app that allows us to create multiple products/bundles that contains individual products and then manage the inventory of the individual product when sold. 

For Example:

The product 'Hamper 1' contains 1 x Chocolate cake, 1 x Apple pie, 1 x Peanut butter cookies & 1 x brownie

The product 'Hamper 2' Contains 1 x chocolate cake, 1 x apple pie & 1 x brownie

Brownies are also sold as a stand alone product.


We need an app that can manage the total inventory of an individual item, whether the product is sold as part of a hamper or a stand alone product. 

The Hampers are not customisable on the customer side. And no discounts are applied. 

Can anyone please help with an app that can do this or perhaps a way it can be done in Shopify without an app

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@CSB1 ,

There are quite a few apps on the app store, however, if your bundle requirement is simple you may want to get this done as a custom solution. You may get DM me or hire a Shopify expert. The solution will be based on creating an abstract top-level product and adding the constituent while adding to the cart. Inventory will be individually tracked so no issues on that front.



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The simplest way is to create hampers as ordinary products. Use an inventory app like trunk or connected inventory to link the bundle products with the individual products. When a hamper is sold, the inventory will automatically update the quantity of the individual items in the inventory.

Without the app, you can also do it manually. If you don't have many orders, it's not a big problem

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Hey @CSB1,

You can accomplish this with the PickyStory app. It allows you to quickly bundle products together and sell them together with a single click while keeping the original SKUs for your inventory and third-party BI systems. Shoppers can choose any variant of any product in the bundle before adding the bundle to the cart. It's fully customizable and doesn't require any coding.

Here's an example:

Occasion Dress – PickyBoutique 2020-08-25 12-03-14.png

Hope this helps!


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I use Bundles by Gaze.bo.  Best app ever! A little pricey, but I can't live without it.  

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Hi @CSB1 

You should try Sumtracker Shopify app.

They can solve the case you described pretty neatly.

You will just need to maintain the inventory of your individual products.

The inventory of your bundles will be automatically calculated and updated on your store, based on minimum available individual product.

You can check the full explanation with examples on their help page.

I'm one of the founders of Sumtracker. And I'll be happy to help you with any issues.



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Hello @CSB1 

Kindly share your requirements at Sandeepsingh.shinedezign@gmail.com. I will be happy to help you in developing the app.

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You can use ShopMaster to create different bundled products. You can merge up to 5 products in one bundle.



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