Looking for an app to manage inventory. Eg, 500ml bulk (not listed for sale) rebottled into 15ml

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I'm looking for advice or an app that can help me manage my inventory. I will be rebottling liquid food flavour concentrates. For example I will have one flavour 500ml that I will then bottle into 15ml sizes. The bulk sizes will not be listed for sale, the smaller ones will. I need a way to manage these two separate inventories so that I know when each is running low. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @Leah11 


One way to do this is to sync your Shopify data to Airtable. For your products/variants create a column that maps to your inventory currently available in Shopify, and create additional columns to keep track of other inventory amounts or related information (e.g., supplies). Check out our guide on how to manage and track Shopify inventory .