Looking for an app to use for adding recipes to shopify blog

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I have a line of sauces and marinades and use the blog for recipes. I'm looking for an app to use for recipes so customers can print a recipe and have the recipe in an organzied manner with list of ingredients, cooking times, etc. 





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Hi Denise!

Seán here from Shopify.

While I couldn't see an app that would offer this directly, you could use the rich text editor when making the blog post to add a downloadable PDF or Microsoft Word document to the end of it.

To do so, you'll want to upload the PDF or Word document to the Admin in Settings / Files, where you'll get a URL for it. You can then go to the blog post and link some text ("Download recipe" for example) to the URL for the file. Once done, customers can then open the document and download it for later use :)

Hope this helps! Feel free to get in touch with the Guru team if you have any questions.

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How are you adding the content in the first place? Is it just in the Rich Text Editor in the admin or are you making use of more advanced things like metafields?

In addition to the PDF option noted above, it would also be possible to make use of CSS print styles so the customer can just print the page and have only the key sections appear. It would require that the page has a layout to support it so this isn't as simple as the PDF download idea. I'd assume that some theme mods (in addition to the CSS) would be needed here. There's some notes on print stylesheets at the link below should you have an interest in CSS:

There's also some JavaScript libraries that can create a PDF on the fly. That could be an interesting way to make a PDF and skip the upload. This is another step up on complexity and may not be compatible with your needs.

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Hey Denise,

Creating a PDF for each recipe is probably the easiest way to get started. It looks like you're posting maybe one recipe per month so using an app for this might be too much effort for not a lot of value. If you were doing daily recipes or a few per week, then an app might be a time saver.

Another option I've heard about is to create a Google document with the recipe and then add a view-only link to that document in your post. Then customers can copy, print, or create a PDF from the recipe on their own.

One thing you might want to consider later on is getting your recipes setup for Rich Snippets. This means your recipes appear in Google's search results with extra data like the cooking time, ratings, and (best of all) a recipe image.

I just helped a customer get that setup for their recipes yesterday.

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I have your software but my recipes do not have rich snippets. How do I get that set up?

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Hey lareine,

Recipes need a bit of extra data set up that Shopify blog posts don't have. I have an article that describes this as well as a short video walking through it.


You can also contact me at shopify@littlestreamsoftware.com with questions too, it's easier for me to see those than these forums (which keep getting flagged as spam).



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Hi Denise! 

I saw that you were looking for an app for your recipes (sounds delicious). This would be super easy to do with Shogun

If you want to start making changes on your own without coding, you can import your existing Shopify pages into Shogun and start editing them as well as build new pages for your store. Free 10-day trial to test it out: https://apps.shopify.com/shogun

Also, check out our 700+ reviews to see if Shogun is a good fit for you! :) Let us know if you have any questions support@getshogun.com



Hi all,

I'm working on a recipe app for shopify. You can sign up for early access here: https://www.sellwithrecipes.com

I'd love to get your feedback before it's release so please do sign up if your find this valuable.



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Just signed up now!

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Any update on when this might launch ?