Looking for app testers!

Hey everyone :)


My name is Conner and I am a Shopify App Developer! I am currently in the process of launching my first Shopify app, which is a basic announcement bar application that expands a modal when a user clicks on a button in the announcement bar.


I am currently looking for merchants who are interested in beta testing the application for no charge. If you are interested, please leave a reply in the comments below. 


The application is fully built, and I have already performed testing on my own Shopify website, as well as my development sites. I can confirm that the functionality is mostly spot-on. I am just looking for a round of beta-testing before it goes live to get feedback from merchants on the app, to see how it could be improved to its fullest before launch.

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Hi, fellow developer here. What app are your building?

MySellerBot is a support chatbot that uses documentation, reviews and manuals to answer questions with 40% the accuracy of a live-chat agent but is 100 times cheaper

Hey there, that's a pretty cool concept for a live chat bot. I'd be interested in building a chat bot myself at some point.


My app is a take at the traditional announcement bar concept. I decided to make an announcement bar that is combined with a popup. There's a button on the bar, and when the user clicks the button, a popup comes up that the website user can sign up for. 


The idea is to present the user a popup on a less annoying way. The store owners can customize the bar and the popup completely. It's pretty neat!