Looking for app to send SMS upon form completion

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Hello there,

I'm looking to build a form that upon completion will send an SMS that I can customize, sent to both a specific number (myself) and also to a number entered on the form.

I had a look in the Shopify App Store and it seems there are many apps to do with forms and sending SMS, but it wasn't clear to me which ones could do specifically the above.

If it makes any difference for SMS region purposes, mine and customer phone numbers will be in Australia.

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Hi @AllenS 

DataJet could help you with the above. This isn't supported out of the box, but if you reach out to the support, they will be able to set everything up for you and adjust it as per your requirements. 

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At minimum, an app that sends an SMS to me when a customer completes the form will be sufficient for now, I suppose.

For context, I am moving over to Shopify from WordPress where I'd been using Twilio with GravityForms to do this.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @AllenS!

We have several merchants using our Customer Fields app for this purpose. Customer Fields allows you to build custom forms on your Shopify store for customer registration and account updates. The app is fully integrated with Zapier, so you can set up all sorts of automated workflows -- including SMS messages when a form is submitted. See this zap template for an example: https://zapier.com/apps/customer-fields/integrations/sms/586429/relay-sms-messages-for-new-customer-...

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to install Customer Fields to take advantage of the app's 14-day free trial, and let us know if any questions come up along the way!

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Been looking into what's available and thought I'd share what current options I'd found in case anyone else was looking for something similar:

  • I've marked Kyle's Customer Fields app as an accepted solution because it seems to do what I asked for. Integrates with Zapier allowing Zapier's SMS upon form submission. Also Zapier connects with Twilio, so we can use our existing Twilio account as a bonus I guess. My only issue is that it's outside of my price range at $12/month + whatever Zapier's going to cost.
  • An alternative is Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms. Currently they offer SMS alerts when the form is submitted (so I think only to you, not to the form submitter), but it's in beta at the moment so that may change. It is only one of their features, but it does require a PRO subscriptions, also outside of my price range at $16/month.
  • ProWebSms SMS Notifications may or may not potentially be an option. I asked their support if it was possible and got a reply that I can call their API from my backend code where I handle form submit, and gave me some example PHP code. I might be wrong, but as far as I'm aware I have no access to backend/PHP code in Shopify. Their app seems to not be exclusive to Shopify, so I suspect they didn't realise I was talking about getting it to work in Shopify. At $3/month I'd pay for it if it did work in Shopify, which maybe it does, you'd have ask them further, but at the moment I haven't pursued my line from their support any further.
  • I asked support from Form Builder - Contact Form if their app could do this and they were quite frank that no it doesn't. Mentioned that they'd noted it down to requested feature so who knows it might become an option in the future. Chances are, if it did, it'd be part of their premium subscription, which is $9.90/month.
  • Also looking at the option of building a custom/private Shopify app using Twilio's API. Seems kinda overkill for this one feature, but oh well.