Looking for beta testers for new analytics app

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We are looking for some folks who might be interested in trying out our new analyticsbuddy.com app for Shopify. The basic idea is to give you data from Google Analytics that is in the context of the page you are working on in your Shopify admin UI. So if you are optimizing a product page, you'd see data about that specific product. Another feature of the app is to allow you to log changes that you make. The idea here is that Analytics Buddy will keep track of these logs and then checks back to see if any changes atcually made a difference.

If you use Chrome, we also have extension that adds functionality directly to the product page, but this is optional.

To give this a try, please visit analyticsbuddy.com. You'll obviously need a Shopify store and a working Google Analytics implementation. After you register, we'll give you an installation link to the app. You can also email me directly at info at analyticsbuddy.com.

Kind regards,

Michael Whitaker