Looking for feedback on New Quiz Based Product Recommendation App

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Hi Shopify Community,

It has been a busy few months developing an app to help with Product recommendation on Shopify. My team came across this idea when we were shopping on a premium eCommerce store, where they asked specific personal and product based questions, before redirecting the shopper to a specific page filled with their recommended products. My team got to work since early 2020, and our app is finally listed last week.

We offer the ability for merchants to create a quiz to redirect their shoppers to wherever they desire (depending on answers of shoppers). We also offer flexibility on conditional logics, where shoppers answering the quiz only see specific questions according the way they answer. It is also possible for shoppers to be redirected to anywhere with a URL (a specific product, a listing page with filters selected, a signup page, career page, terms page, competition entry page etc, the possibilities are endless!)

Please let me know how you feel, and feel free to reach out on our contact if you have any questions at all.

Shopify app listing page here: https://apps.shopify.com/shopaform

Love to hear your feedbacks!