Looking for multiple apps to help me with certain features.

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1. Does anyone know if there is an app that displays an add to cart button on the collection page such as the one on here (https://www.fashionnova.com/collections/nova-vintage)?

2. Can Anyone name an application that Lets users hover over the product images to see the next images such as this 


Or would that be a theme default option, If so would that be in the Impulse theme?

3. How could I get an animated promotion bar like the one on the mentioned page?


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Hello @Zackraez 

For the image hover, I can suggest one of our app. (Second Image Hover Animations)
Not exactly same behavior on the example website but you can find many different animations types one of them fits perfectly to your site. 
Here animation demos 

Good luck with your business 

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About adding ATC button on collection page, there's a topic discussed about this https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Design/How-to-add-quot-add-to-cart-quot-button-on-my-collect... or you can use themes like Gecko or Wokiee... etc

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Hi @Zackraez,

All of those things can be done with some simple changes to your theme rather than paying a monthly fee for an app.

The announcement bar on this store may be an app but the code has been added to the theme so it's difficult to tell as there are so many of these apps available.

If there is an alternative to using an app, I recommend getting a developer to make the required the changes in your theme instead.

You should be able to find someone that can help in the Shopify Experts Marketplace.

Apps are only required when some external processing is to be done that can't be performed in Shopify. For example, in our Recently app where we capture the latest sales and show them to all other visitors as social proof.

I hope this helped?



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1. Don't need to pay a monthly fee for an app, just some custom code in your theme

2. Don't need to pay a monthly fee for an app, just some custom code in your theme

3. Don't need to pay a monthly fee for an app, just some custom code in your theme


Instead of paying for three apps that can't do exactly for you, also not easy to customize, I prefer to do custom code. It is not hard.


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