Looking for unique feature - word bank?

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Hi Shopify,


We're a non-profit artist group building a giant wall made out of bricks engraved with meaningful/uplifting song lyrics. Members of the public submit one of their favorite song lyrics in exchange for a small donation we send on to charity. That's how we use Shopfiy - to receive lyric brick submissions and the donations attached to them. 


The problem we're running into is people are overwhelmed by what lyric to choose and are getting writer's block! I'd like to create a feature on our website that's a "lyric bank" where we can upload thousands of famous lyrics and then users can search through it if they want to find inspiration. For example a user could search "love" or "The Rolling Stones" and lyrics that feature the word love or are by The Rolling Stones would pop up for them to use.


Currently looking for an App that could let me achieve such a thing but I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be so welcomed!

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I may be able to develop a small app for this. What are you looking to spend on it? Maybe send me a PM if possible.