Looking for upsell app with these specificities...

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Hi All,

I'm looking for an upsell app that offers extra (cheaper) products in cart but the customer cannot delete their initial cart item and just buy the cheap product. So if they delete the initial item they're prevented from buying the upsell products.


This is because there is significant labour in producing the customised more expensive item which cannot be applied to the cheaper offers without them purchasing the initial item.


Eg: We make custom canvas prints which we can then offer to print on a coffee mug. We want to offer the mug but without them removing the canvas from the cart.


Does anyone have a specific app they can suggest that does this?


Thank in advance!

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You should increase the price of Y, so that customers will not try to order only Y.


Then you can use an up-sell app to offer discounted Y when customers buy X.



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