Looking to Change the appearance of my stock availability.

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Hi guys,


I have tried searching around the app store for weeks now looking for a way to improve the way the variant stock is displayed within a product on my website.


At the moment it makes it very difficult to work out if the product is in or out of stock, I have many customers asking why they can't add specific product sizes to the basket as they can't tell it's out of stock.


Below is how the website currently looks, you may or may not be able to tell that sizes 4,5 and 6 are greyed out and therefore out of stock and only sizes 6.5 and 7 are available.












I have found a few websites that have their variant stock displayed as below, it shows lots more information for the customer and clearly shows stock availability, we also keep some stock which is despatched straight from the supplier so it would allow me to add a different despatch time if the size is out of physical stock.


Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 13.05.33.png


Is anyone aware of an app that does this or even comes close?


Any help would be greatly received.


Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Tom, 



The feature that you are requesting can be done with the help of customizing the theme, do let me know if you would be interested and we could take it up for you. 


Look forward



Ragib Hussain
President | Primary Software Corp. | www.primarysoftware.com