Looking to Reduce Food Waste - In-Store Pickup at a Discount from our Bread Shop

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Hello! Thanks in advance!
We run a bakery and we're looking to reduce in-store waste. 

Would love to offer an option to book order 2+ days in advance at a 5% discount for payment in-store. 

Do you know of any apps that would serve this function?

Thanks from Japan! 

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Hello ! 

It might be worth taking a look at this app? https://apps.shopify.com/ready-pantry 

It was built for restaurants initially, but the main goal is to keep track of raw ingredient count and link a Shopify product to these raw ingredients, with insights on your costs, etc.

Let me know if it helps! In any case, there is a 28-day free trial so you can see if it's suited for you @tasuku