Looking to have a "Build your own Kit" page and am looking for App suggestions.

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Here is an example of pretty much the exact type of website we are trying to emulate - but it appears that the App used to build this is no longer available (or I'm not looking at it right)
What we are trying to accomplish is a "Starter kit bundle" Where you can have 1 of each "type" of item.
1 Harness
1 Helmet
1 Connector
1 Bag
1 Ascender
1 Descender
1 Back up device
1 Footloop
1 Seat
some rope
The problem I keep coming across is Bundle Apps are usually about up-selling i.e. getting the customer to spend more in their transaction rather than offering them a solution.
NOW the apps I've tried, offer "recommendations" as bundles and that's sort of in the line of where I want to go.
Firstly - they are fixed recommendation bundles which are useless to us.
OR you can add from a pool of pre selected items, THIS seems to be the closest I can get.
The problem with this way of creating a bundle is - that the customer, when creating the bundle, when they go to add an item, it lists every item in the pool i.e. every harness, every helmet, every connector, every rope etc. etc all at once.
What i am after is a bundle/kit creator that lets you create a bundle/kit where you can select A Harness and it gives you an option pool of only Harnesses. Then, a Helmet and you can select a 'Helmet' from the pool. And so on & A Seat & Some Ropes & A Descender & A Ascender & A Back Up Device & A Bag. Each time you select an item to add to the kit it only lets you select the 'Type' of item.
What WOULD BE AWESOME is if I could make the "Kit Builder" to be able to recognize which items are not compatible with other items. e.g. If you select a type of 'Harness' you then can't select types of 'Back up Device'.
I can work with a "Must have" type of kit builder but I would prefer an "Its an option" if that makes sense.
A lot of Bundle Apps have a "Minimum" Requirement" eg. number of items or amount of money spent. We can work with the constraints of the App. It could be a "you must need to pick a harness and a helmet at least"
I've tried a couple of bundle builder type apps and they don't (or I couldn't get them to) do it.
I would appreciate any App suggestions or links to Stores which you think do that type of thing.