Loyalty program that doesn't create a digital currency

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I've been searching for Shopify loyalty/rewards programs. I've looked through almost every single one on the app store, but I can't find that does one simple thing.


All of the apps that I've found for a loyalty program create a point-based digital currency that allows users to redeem gifts for certain predefined discounts, products, perks etc. E.g. they may earn 100 points for spending $10, then they can redeem those 100 points of a discount code and then they are at 0 points.


I'm looking for one that simply puts users into tiers based off of their spend, and gives them the rewards as they reach certain point tiers. Effectively, they never spend points or exchange them in a reward economy, but instead get certain perks along the way as they reach point levels and break thresholds. 


Loyalty Points by Bold Commerce comes close to this, but when users reach "tiers," they just get more points to exchange for predefined items. That way a user can, say, save up 1000 points to redeem on a $100 gift card, or spend them those 1000 points on various smaller rewards. 


The main difference here is that you are effectively still redeeming points and there is no "roadmap" to get to, say 1000 points with steps along the way. 


Does anyone know of an app that does something like this?



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Have you found a solution to this? I'm considering building something like this for my next project. 

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Isn't this just a presentation problem since underneath everthing is still tracked with "points", Just hide the points and show ranges or "tiers"

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Hey there,


I hope I don't create misunderstanding and just try to help. From what I understood, with our app, you are able to create tiers, where you state which action should be fulfilled(orders/points). Since you don't want points, you can choose orders. After that for the earning rule, we've got the function (spend X to get Y) where users are able to let's say spend $50 and receive the (percentage discount/fixed amount discount/free shipping). Also, if you would like to give away any items for such spending, you are able to make 100% off for a particular item.


Let me know if it is what you are looking for. Pardon me if it is not. But just know that I tried :D

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