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Hello guys, this is my first post hopefully of many in this forum!


I run a Fruit and vegetable delivery service that is doing well, I currently have a huge issue with shopify.

My main product is a Build your own box product that allows people to choose the exact Fruit/Vegetables in there box then we make and deliver it straight to there house. Currently i have no way of finding out how much stock i need to purchase to fufill these orders other than Pen and paper, which takes hours every night. 


What i need.

I need some software that will allow me to type in "x" date and it will bring up all orders and show me total "apples" "oranges" "Pineapples" "Cucumbers" That are set to deliverd that day so i can source them.

It is easy to find software that tells me the total apples i have sold but that is no use to me as i need to know how many apples have been sold and will be delivered on X Day. 


X day is decided by "tags" as i use some app that allows me to restrict days to certain areas. So the app must be able to Read total stock by Tag.


Does anyone have any ideas as this is the biggest hurdle i am finding using shopify!


Would be really appreciated to hear some fixes for this. Maybe there is software that i can download invoices into then it will count?