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I am astonished that I cannot find a reliable app in the Shopify realm to print regular old address mailing labels. I know how to print shipping labels but I need to print just standard address labels & can't seem to find an app or the function to do so from Shopify. I don't want to have to mess around with exporting, mail merge, etc. I've tried the Address Labels app but it is SO unreliable, Order Printer formats are awful I missing something? 


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The OrderlyPrint app can print mailing labels, where the Shipping address of the order is printed on various label sizes. It supports 100+ label sizes and I can add more if needed.


The app does do a lot more than that, so it may be more than you need.. but it's been printing mailing labels for 6+ years now, so stable and reliable.


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Disclosure: I am the creator of OrderlyPrint ;)

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