Manage Shopify Apps as a developer

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Hi everybody,

I have a few questions regarding Shopify apps management. Our company is currently on the way to launch our first public app on the App Store, so there are a few things that we need to prepare.

The problem is that we don't actually have an app yet, so we can't see what the Partner dashboard would look like or the kind of information we'd get from the app. So here are a few of our questions, please answer them if you can.

1. When users install our app, will they be segmented in terms of their plan? Like List A for Free users, list B for Paid users?

2. If a user upgrades from the Free version to the Paid version, will their contact be moved to List B and disappear from List A, or will their contact appear in both?

3. If they uninstall, will their email disappear from List A & B?

These are all my questions, please help me with them. Thank you!