Managing variant levels across entire catalog

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Hi all,


I run a website that let's people print on demand. Each product has a different design as the master, then people chose which item they'd like the artwork printing on at variant level: e.g PU jacket, leather jacket.


Is there a way of managing the pool of variants across a catalog, rather than allocating a small amount per master?


As we grow our artwork, it will become more difficult to manage the variant levels manually. We'd like to link the products by their variants, so that when someone chooses to print (artwork 1) onto a leather jacket - the variant stock level changes on all items.


Our stock tree goes like this:

- Artwork

- Jacket type

- Jacket size 


We have a limited amount of jackets to work with. What is the best way to manage this? I'm struggling to find an app but could be looking for the wrong thing.


Any advice is appreciated - even if it's something that will help but not in the way I expect.



Many thanks,




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Hi @JessWilby !


I'm happy to say there's a way with Trunk @ which is centralized inventory syncing software and can do smart bundles/kitting.


In this article @  there's an example about "Material components" and it describes your situation pretty closely and how you would do it. Within Trunk, you can have all your designs depend on a "Jacket Master". Selling a variant will decrease the "Jacket Master" stock as well as all other variants that depend on this "Jacket Master".


I'm the founder and developer of Trunk so please let me know if you have any additional questions! 

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Hi jessWilby,


We have a Shopify plug-in that enables you to do what you need and offer online personalization. see it here: .


Contact me if you think it can help you, we can do a complete demo.