Mandatory GDPR Webhook

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Our App does not use any customer data, then we have to use this webhook "customers/redact" in partner app dashboard or not ?

Currently, we are using same url for "customers/redact" webhook in partner dashboard like used for "shop/redact" webhook.

we are testing GDPR shop/redact webhook, we didnt receive any payload even after app has been uninstalled 48 hours before. Please suggest what we have to do to test this webhook, to ensure our app functioning properly.

Earlier, we have implemented "app/uninstalled" webhook which maintains removal of shop data upon app uninstallation, will have to retain this webhook or remove it due to new GDPR "shop/redact" webhook ??

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Very interesting topic. Any info from Shopify team will be very useful, including info about third webhook "customers/data_request".

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