Manual Recommend list of product for our customer

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We chat a lot with our customer on the website, and we recommend them product inside the chat. Unfortunately, when they leave the page and come back they doesn't have easy access back to those recommendation easely . Or sometimes nobody is there to answer the chat but we would like to recommend manually the product for them to see next time they visit the website. 

Ideally we would like that the chat agent can create a sort of "RecommandedList" as  a "whishlist" , and the customer can just clic on it and have access to all the product that was recommended to him/her. We understand the Chat agent will log in an other part of the APP to do it and not inside the chat. 

Ideally we would like the chat agent to access to an APP, select the product they want to recommend as well add a comment why or link to a review done that concern the consumer (we use Yotpo but could use an other service), and when the user select Recommended Product (similar to whishlist), he can access to the recommended product 


You can see bellow an exemple of how the page would look like ideally. 

Thanks a lot in advance to let me know if an app exist for that or if you think it is feasible and how much it would cost. 

I really appreciate the help of the community.