Market Research: Types of Businesses who are on Shopify

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Excuse me as I write this crude post. Super tired from dev-ing all day.


Is there any information from Shopify on the number of stores or a % of stores that are in a specific segement / type of business / category?


For example, are 50% of shopify stores drop ship stores, 10% retail brands, 5% muscians/artists?


Purpose: I have some new app ideas and am trying to vet potential market / market cap / viability.


Any information, resources and help will greatly be appreciated.



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Hi Chris.

New app ideas are always welcome on Shopify!

Those specific numbers may be hard to find, however, I did manage to find something which still might be of use for you:


Let me know if this helps.


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Thanks for sharing the link to my blog SpridaZack. The idea was really to have a place with all the statistics that come out about Shopify. But some things Shopify just simply does not publish.


Chris - I've never seen these sorts of statistics published. They tend to publish more vague statistics like the increase over the year for a few industries. You should find that in there if you search through the article.


You may find more statistics on the Built with site, see here and here.



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Thanks for the information.