Migrate Customers and their Order Histories from Filemaker to Shopify?

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Our retail POS has thousands of customer records in Filemaker. We're looking to import all that data into Shopify. 

Importantly, we have a loyalty programs with free items after a certain number of purchases—which is kept track of via Filemaker. 

We need that customer data to follow each record from Filemaker to Shopify AND any instances along a customer's history when they've redeemed that gift...in other words, it's an active, ongoing customer program that needs to migrate without either re-rewarding or taking anything away from our customers.

It would be optimal for our retail and online systems to match. Then we can begin using the Shopify POS for both retail and online sales. 

Has anyone succeeded with a project like this? 

Thank you!

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I searched and found that you can easily export data from FileMaker to CSV files. Here is the instruction. Because of that, you then can import data from CSV files to Shopify using LitExtension, a migration tool. This one is the most famous for shopping cart data migration. They deliver excellently accurate migration and can do almost customization that you request. There is live chat with their technical support on website. Talk with them and make sure everything works with a demo first before final migration.