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Hi everyone,


I have two websites (one stocks men's clothing and the other women's) - the woman's store is on the Shopify platform and the other is a custom website.


The custom website has us in a stranglehold in terms of making any changes or applying our own SEO, therefore i want to move it over to Shopify. 


Question is - is this reasonably easy to do?  Any recommended apps?  Or developers people have used before?


All advice appreciated!




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Shopify Staff
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Hi there Mark!


Don here from Shopify. :)


We've got a bit of info here on our help site that related to migrating to Shopify that you can check out.


There is also a third-party app in our app store that is designed to assist with this; the Cart2Cart Store Migration app might be a good choice for you here.


Hopefully, some of your fellow merchants will be able to chime in here with their own experiences of migrating to Shopify to help you out here.


You can also get in touch with us over on our support site at any time, 24/7!


All the best!



Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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This is Daniel from Pelican Commerce.


Moving can either be simple or complicated depending on how organized you are with the migration process. We have designed a complete and productive migration process at Pelican Commerce which focuses on keeping your existing SEO rank, traffic, and social media links flowing smoothly along with a focus on data first and making sure you have everything properly moved. Here is what we focus on in our migrations: 


  1. 1:1 Page Match (migration of all pages and the content on those pages like product detail page, category landing page, blog pages, and content pages)
  2. Meta Data Matching (the existing metadata gets moved as-is even if it is auto-generated data)
  3. Embedded Assets are migrated to Shopify (Shopify's CDN URL is replaced to be sure images, embedded links, and videos are moved properly and the old server can be shut down with zero loss of various assets that are not structured)
  4. 301 redirects for ALL pages (no exceptions)
  5. Collection Setup, Navigation Setup, and Theme Setup
  6. Store Settings, Home Page metadata, and apps
  7. Launch (then resubmission to Google and Bing)

The biggest mistake a Shopify store owner can make is not doing the 1:1 page match and partially adding 310 redirects. The entire store as-is needs to be moved, setup, and launched that way. You can make design changes and even changes to your categories. But do not delete pages, modify in a significant way, and never redirect many pages to a single page because you don't want to move the pages. 


Move the pages, wait a few weeks, and then slowly remove them after your fully moved. We have performed hundreds of these store and SEO migration projects and our process is identical to what Google recommends directly through their YouTube channel, and most importantly it works! 


What makes us different from automated plugins is we are full service and handle the entire process. There are many variables and most companies want human eyes and hands on their project and for someone to handle the entire process end-to-end rather than just syncing the data.


If you need help with this then you can reach out to us anytime. We are Shopify Experts and you can find our Shopify Experts Profile here.

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Hi Daniel


Many thanks for your reply - you obviously know what you're doing!


Can you tell me a guide price for the migration?  I currently have in the region of 400 products over 42 different brands.  Site > www.frontiers-man.com


Many thanks







Hi Mark,


Thank you for your response and the compliment.


Please contact me directly by email at daniel@pelicancommerce.com and I can provide you with a quote. 



Pelican Commerce