Mix and Match/Bundling Question

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Hello Shopify forum browsers,

  • I wish to allow guests to mix and match variants of a single product.
  • As an example of lipsticks, I wish for them to be able to click/dropdown and select up to 2, 3, 4 color options on a single page and add it to their cart (but buying just ONE color will not be available).
  • The color variants will all have the same price. 

Is there a way for me to implement this into Shopify? Or will I need to download an app? If so, what apps does the community suggest?

Best regards and best health everyone

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Hi! I was wondering if you were able to find the right answer/app to your needs. If so, what are you using now? I am having a similar problem finding a mix and match/bundling app to fit my needs. Thank you!