Mix products and visualize result on the same picture

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I don't find an App that let the customer choose a product 1 from collection 1 (chairs) and product 2 from collection 2 (tables) and visualize the result set live. The best that the result is shown as superposition of png layers in the same picture (PNG layer of the choosen chair + PNG layer of the choosen table).

Here is an example: When customer clicks on arrows to navigate within the collection 1 and choose the product 12, the corresponding PNG of Product 12  is displayed on the customization result picture on the left.

Do you know an App that do this?

Thank you

P.S: on this app the arrows don't navigate within a collection but switch between the product pictures. Also, the picture on the left don't change.


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the quickest way to get this done would probably a visual configuration such as Custom Product Builder. While that offers a bunch more features, you should be able to also get done what you need, by supplying the correctly Layouter image layers!

another way would be building a custom app that works along the lines of „if option 1 and option 2 then display image x“.

I hope this helps,

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Thank you for your support,

But what I understood from applications such as Custom product builder is that the different customizations are made with options of the same product. What I'm looking for is that the different components are different products that will be added separately to the shopping cart at the end of the customization. Can these applications be configured so that they manage products and not options?