Mobile app that offers Netflix-style horizontal scroll?

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Hi there,

Is there an app that enables horizontal "Netflix' style scroll bars?

We run an apparel site and I want the ability to curate the mobile experience into collections: "Men's, Women's, Best Sellers...." in this horizontal scroll format.




Hey, hope you are good

I want to answer your question "Is there an app that enables horizontal "Netflix' style scroll bars?"

so the answer is "yes" there is an app on which you can enable horizontal Netflix' style scroll bars, you want to know how?

To get all information about Netflix apps you have to visit this site. I recommend this site with a full guarantee that you can clear all your queries about Netflix and its app.

I will be very grateful if you get your answer.

Thank you

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Something like this would need to be custom built.

email me at and we can discuss if it makes sense!