Multi Inventory App

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Hi everyone. 

Looking for some feedback on an inventory issue we are having. 

We operate a brewery taproom and allow for online sales. 


The issue we have is managing product units sold across multiple bundles and quantities. 

As an example of selling boxes...

We create a variant for 1 bottle - thats easy 

We then create a 6 pack with a new price... when it comes to number of stock, if one unit is sold, it will take 1 unit of the 6 pack. Not 6 units of the bottle. This would be the same issue with 12 or 24 boxes.


The issue is compondounded with our desire to do mixed boxes. So 6 items, made up of 4 products (A,B,C,D). If someone buys a mixed box, its still 1 unit in the inventory, not 2xA 2xB 1xC and 1XD. This is whats creating a headache. 


We have seen a few bundled apps but it just doesnt seem to be working. Our only choice is to manually run an excel so we can make sure we dont run out. 


Not sure if anyone has any ideas?