Multi-level variants/attributes for products

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Hello all,

We're trying to set up rental products on our website for various cruises that clients will be booking. We would like to have the customers designate various details about their bookings when checking out a piece of gear. This would look like the following:

Selecting the product, then having some drop-down menu of some sort where they would select the cruise line > then the ship > then the cruise date, all from a vailable list of options. The issue is every subsequent selection has a following list of unique items that we'd want to have available for that selection, i.e., the cruise line selected has unique ships assigned to it, each ship has unique cruise dates available for it, etc.

Is there some sort of multi-tiered attribute app that we could integrate? Barring this, we would obviously just have to have clients manually enter in their cruise information upon checkout, but this would be a great option if available. Thank you!

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Bold Product Options can help here. I think it's pretty good overall, depending on your UI requirements. 

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