Multi-location app error

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I am helping develop a store for a client that wants the ability to show inventory levels in their three locations.

I had found an example of some liquid code that shows the TOTAL inventory for all locations, but the client instead wants to show each locations' stock separately. All discussions in the support forums I have found say that there is no similar access to the individual locations inventory. and that it would require using an app to show each location's inventory. 

So I added the "Product Inventory Information by Tom I.T." app to their site, based on the recommendations of other developers and the app's reviews. 

The client only wants to sell online for in-store pickup at this time, with no delivery or shipping options. The app's description and review seem to indicate it should meet the need.

Sadly, I am not very pleased with the results so far.

We have run into a couple of issues, including an occasional LONG lag time in showing the app's inventory code. Sometimes the results are almost instantaneous, but there have been up to 30 second delays.

Also, there is a clunky "Shipping or pickup location" drop-down box that the app places below the Check Out button. Once afgain, there is sometimes a noticeable lag before the selection box is rendered.

If the user does click it and selects a locations, it refreshes the entire page while marking the items for pickup, but then once again shows the same page with the same "Select a location" box with no location selected.

If the user ignores the request to once again select a location, and clicks the Check Out button, the app takes over the shipping and pickup options, and a radio button is supposed to show the selected location as the pickup option on the shipping screen of the Check Out system.

After several successful tests earlier today, it is now showing the following message despite no code, product or settings changes:

     The item you added doesn’t ship to your location. Remove it to check out, or contact the store.

No matter what product is placed in the cart, we get that message. Earlier today, it properly showed the location that we selected in the previous screen.

Does anyone have experience with the app that can help with the set up, or are the other apps you can suggest that would better meet the client's need? 

We just need to be able to:

1. Show the inventory for each of the three locations on each product's page. 

2. Allow the customer to select the location where they would like to pick up their order.

Thanks in advance for any advice, ideas or help anyone can offer!