Multilanguage marketplace for rental

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is there any combination of apps that would allow me to set up a multilanguage rental marketplace.
Main requirements are:
- Separation of roles between renters and final customers.
It should have a different roles for renters and final customer (not a peer2peer marketplace). Only renters will be able to post items to rent and only final customer will be able to rent them.


- it should have a simple yet comprehensive renter back-end. Ideally with a booking calendar and a minimum

- It should be compatible with multilanguage translation apps. on the front-end (the renter back-end doesn't really matters).


- the resulting website and back-end should load in a reasonable time.


I know it's not an easy question, would be more an answer by anyone that has ever implemented such a marketplace.





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RentALL is the 100% customizable rental marketplace that can be built to suit any kind of rental business you are in. 


They have various products for rental and on-demand businesses. Some impeccable products are,

  1. RentALL Cars - Car rental script 
  2. Wooberly - Uber clone
  3. RentALL Space