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We are currently looking for a review app that would offer the following two features:

  1. Filter reviews by language. For example, a French visitor will see, by default, only french reviews, but will be able to display reviews from other languages as well (with a filter option).
  2. Import reviews via CSV. Most applications have this feature.

Do you know of any applications that allow this?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Canea ! 

As you're looking for a review app which can offer two features "filter reviews" and "import reviews from CSV", we would recommend Ali Reviews as a good choice.

In more details, Ali Reviews is contained with "Import Review Settings" feature which supports translating reviews into multiple languages besides English. About importing reviews via CSV, you can set up review sources that import reviews from either AliExpress or CSV file. 

Moreover, Ali Reviews is being updated in order to give our customers the best experience in 2020 Holiday Season. You can follow this site for the latest sneak peeks and catch up with the official release: The New Ali Reviews - A Touch to Revolution 

Wish you all the best! 


Ali Reviews team 


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