Multiple Drop Shippers

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I hope this finds you all well.  We are setting up our store and were wondering if it's possible to use multiple drop shipping companies on your store.  We've found different companies with different product options we like and wanted to use them both.  Is that possible? 

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Hello @MC-LYM 

Yes, you can use multiple drop-shippers on your store.

Keep in mind that each drop shipper is considered a 'location' and the number of location you are allowed to have depends on your plan level. 

  • Shopify Lite - 3
  • Basic Shopify - 4
  • Shopify - 5
  • Advanced Shopify - 8
  • Shopify Plus - 20

If the drop shippers you are looking at are app-based (ie can be integrated to your store by installing the supplier's app from the app store), then they don't count against your location number limit, and the app integration will usually automatically add the location and shipping settings for you.

If the drop shippers are not app-based, you will have to manually go into your settings and add them as a location, as well as set up the shipping rates & zones for them, and each one you add will count toward the limits listed above.