Multiple Tabs plus drop-down menus all visible on home page

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Do any apps offer tabs and a drop-down menu option like They have 3 tabs, Women, Curve and Men. If you click on the Women tab, a menu appears below it without needing a drop-down menu. They have 19 menu items with a drop-down menu for each of them. I need 21 menu items displayed on the home page of the Women's tab. And the same thing for Plus size/Curve, Men and Kids for my website I'm creating. So, each tab that someone clicks on (Women, Men, Kids, and Plus size/Curve) I need my 21 menu items below it displayed with seamless drop-down menus that have drop-downs exactly like you can see with I don't want the women, men, plus size/curve or kids tabs to be a drop-down. Only the 21 menu items need to be a drop-down display. I hope this makes sense and please let me know which app would allow me to have this option.
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Mark L. Heuton