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I know there are already questions asked about this but I feel like I've looked into every possible app and not found a solution yet. What Im looking for is basically just to be able to apply multiple discounts at checkout for one customer without any discount codes. For example Ive got two different bundle deals up on my shop at the moment:

- Buy 2 brow products and get $ off

- Buy 1 eyeshadow palette and get eyeshadow primer for free

The problem is that if a customer adds both deals in the cart they will only get one discount applied. Is there any app out there that supports that two or more deals apply at checkout automatically?? It feels like a pretty basic feature but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
At the moment I use both Bundle Products by Thimatic and Automatic Discounts. 

Please help!


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Interesting that you had not found a fitting solution in the app store. 

Simile offers great solutions for Bundling.

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Happy selling! 

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Using the Deals feature of Automatic Discount app, would allow you to create such promotions and more. They could also be automatically applied if you want.

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Shopify by default only supports 1 discount at any time, whether it's a discount code or automatic discount. I guess it's because the order of discounts makes it hard for Shopify to implement it. 

One of the ways is to make one of the offers to be an ordinary product. When it's checked out, the order will be edited to include the discount. My App, BYOB is doing it this way. If you're interested, you can test it and give me some feedback.

If you don't want to edit orders, it's also ok. Just turn 'Buy 2 brow products and get $ off' into a product with a discount. So the customer can apply a discount to another deal. The drawback is that the inventory cannot be synced with individual products.  

1 discount at a time is a hard limit. It's not likely to be removed in the short future. My suggestions are a workaround to the problem. 

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It has to be natively simple feature.... whats the problem?