Multiple custom product order on one order form for contractors

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I am looking for an app that will allow our customers who are contractors who buy in bulk/wholesale to order multiple versions of the same product at once. For example, if they want 5 drawer boxes at 20x24x14, 5 drawer boxes at 22x20x16, and 5 drawer boxes at 18x20x22 the app would be able to calculate a price for each unique set of drawer boxes, give the customer a price for each set, and then a total price for the entirety of the order all at once. The setup we are currently using forces the contractor to order one set (say the 5 boxes at 20x24x14), add the set to their cart, then go back to the drawer box product page, add the next set to their cart, and so on. We would like to make this process easier for contractors because some orders could possibly have up to 10-20 different drawer box sizes/cabinet door sizes depending on the contractor's needs.