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Hi sorry for the newbie question - I'm working on a new app but before I get too far down the rabbit hole I'm wondering if the Shopify APIs even allow for what I would need to do for a client. I haven't been able to dig up the right info in the reference docs so any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I would need to be able to track my client's inventory in my own database and intercept the online store product pages to allow for display of my inventory levels (without using the built-in vanilla Shopify inventory system). As well as controlling the inventory levels after an order has been placed. Any idea if this is feasible or should I look elsewhere?

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Hi Mike,

This is definitely doable and that's most inventory apps (including ourselves) do.

The APIs you want to use are the following:

  • Products API: download your client Shopify catalog into your database (you will need this when processing orders)
    Optionally: you might want to implement a webhook listener to intercept changes to your catalog (products being deleted, updated...)
  • InventoryLevel API: to send stock update information to Shopify
  • Order API: A webhook to listen to order changes (creation, update, fulfillment)

From our experience, developing a robust system takes time and effort (more than a year for us). Have you considered reviewing your procurement strategy and buy an inventory management app service instead of developing your own? 

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Tahar. Stock&Buy - Inventory and order management software 

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Thanks very much for your help Tahar! I'll look into those APIs. I may well ultimately seek a 3rd party solution in the end but I'm enjoying the general challenge of the project so far and the lessons it's affording me but I'll be in touch if I do eventually decide to throw in the towel.

Thanks again

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If you need to do a bulk update on inventory make sure to browse through Shopify's GraphQL docs- which is much better handling bulk updates. 

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Hey @msb,

Not sure if this helps but I would also recommend checking out TrueStock ( a lot of partners would use it for helping to manage clients inventory. It predicts sales demand using machine learning for stores and provides recommendations on what to replenish and whats overstocked. You can also provide it with stock lead times and it will alert you with enough time to raise a purchase order and never run out of inventory again. Integrates with Slack too!

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