Mystery Box bundle - no pop up

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Im trying to set up a mystery bag bundle in the store. Basically what we're looking for is 1 app that could pick a set of 5 products from a collection (depending on the probability for each product on that collection to be picked) and sell them as a mystery bag. Customers will not know which products they'll get until they receive it in the mail. Do you have any suggestion for apps that could do this?


Thank you!

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You could set up a single product called Mystery Bundle. As soon as someone buys this product, order with this item would flow through to Shopify Next you could automatically add 4 other items from collections you specify to that order (this would be random).

All could be automated, so no input from you would be needed at all. Let me know if that solution would work with you and I can give you more details how to set that up. 

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