[NEW APP] Brand your Shopify emails with a your own email signature!

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Brand Your Store Emails With An Email Signature!

We are happy to announce the launch of Email Signatures, our free app that creates a designed email signature that you can embed in your Shopify emails & in all your email accounts. 

With Email Signatures you can:

  • Creates a unified branded look in all your emails with a designed email signature.

  • Adds social buttons to your emails helping you increase your fan base on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

  • Create an unlimited number of signatures - 100% for FREE!

Take a look here at a few examples: View our email signature gallery.

Creating & embedding your own email signature in all your emails is a great way to build your brand. So sign up to Emails Signatures today and give it a try!

Have any suggestion for us? We would love to hear them, feel free to comment here and let us know what you think ;)

Till next time,

The Seller Panda Team.

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I don't see provision to add new fields if required. It is difficult for Admin to alter the HTML code as it needs some markeup language. Better keep one more field in the form to fill custom text and provide option to to arrange the fields based on given position.