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Hi everyone, 

I dug this thread in seek of a solution, since we were plagued by the same issue most of you described... all stars/review ratting disapeared from google. 
It was months ago, we tried multiple solutions, such as not hiding the reviewes in a display none with a toggle button... no luck. 

But I think we finaly got to a solution, specifying all the details in a json script. 
So, here is our code you can use only with Shopify Product Review, to place within the product snippet. 

You need to set up some variables first: 
This will extract the rating average value and review count from the app. 
This needs to come before the script.

{% comment variable set up %}{% endcomment %}
{% assign review = product.metafields.spr.reviews | split:'votes" content="' %}
{% assign popularity = review[1] | split: '" />' %}
{% assign popularity = popularity[0] | split: '" />' %}
{% assign review = review[1] | split:'average" content="' %}
{% assign rating = review[1] | split: '" />' %}
{% assign rating = rating[0] %}

Then, you need to add the ld+json script in the product template. 

<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "https://schema.org",
  "@type": "Product",
  "name": "{{ product.title | escape }}",
  "image": "{{ product.featured_image | product_img_url }}",
  "description": "{{ page_description | escape }}",
  "url": "{{shop.secure_url | escape}}{{ product.url | escape }}",
  "brand": "{{ shop.name }}", 
  "offers": {
    "@type": "Offer",
    "sku": "{{ product.variants.first.sku }}",
    "priceCurrency": "{{ shop.currency }}",
    "availability": {% if product.tags contains 'stock' %}"https://schema.org/InStock"{% else %}"https://schema.org/PreOrder"{% endif %},
    "itemCondition": "http://schema.org/NewCondition",
	"price": "{{product.variants.first.price | times: 0.01 }}"
  }{% if rating and rating != '0.0' %},
  "aggregateRating": {
    "@type": "AggregateRating",
    "itemReviewed": "{{ product.title | escape }}",
    "bestRating": "5",
    "worstRating": "1",
    "ratingValue": "{{ rating }}",
    "reviewCount": "{{ popularity }}"
  }{% endif %}

Obviously, the "availability" part and some other values depend on your settings.
The aggregateRating part is what will fix your problem. 


  • Shopify product reviews works with metafields. when you duplicate a product, you also duplicate the metafield, and it not fixed/updated until a review is left. 
    It means the value that will display might be false. I recommend using a metafield app or Shopify FD to clean up/delete all metafields after duplicating a product. 
    If you delete the spr.reviews metafields from a product that already has reviews, just write a test review on your product and delete it from the app, it will update the metafield. 
  • It may or may not work for you. 
    Google structured data testing tool will not return you any error, meaning this is technicaly correct. If your reviews are not hidden somewhere deep in the page, it's also within Google recommendations for reviews. 
    Theoreticaly, even if the other structered data within the app (data vocabulary) are still inpage, it shouldn't interfere with Google anymore. The problem is that when Google start reading the page with Schema.org, it may not (apparently it's never shown for anyone now) accept any other format, so it doesn't accept data vocabulary (it just ignore the data) - even if it shows clean in the structered data testing tool (this tool only check the structure, it's not google guidelines for "SEO").

It worked for us.
Let me know if it worked for you ! 
If not, we'll dig into it a big deeper. 


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So, Shopify just updated the app, right after my post, and it's now under Schema.org, which should fix the issue. 

Thanks for breaking our stuff and not answering my message that has, obviously triggered your response/update, Shopify !

It also reset the translation to English on all our websites by the way...

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Good to see Shopify Reviews made the move to schema.org, like Judge.me did 2 weeks ago.

For those using Shopify Reviews who also want to add JSON-LD snippets, or who want to connect their JSON-LD review snippets to their product snippets, this guide can be helpful: help.judge.me/knowledge_base/topics/automatic-rich-snippets

The guide is written for shops using the Judge.me Product Reviews app, but it's valid for all shops who want to apply schema.org/AggregateRating snippets in both microdata and JSON-LD form of course.

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Hi guys, you can use Ryviu app to export Amazon and Aliexpress reviews then import to Product Reviews App.

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This is my store and that APP is working 100% properly!

take a look!


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It happened since last week.

For product reviews, im using PRODUCT REVIEW APP free version by Shopify.

The stars shown in a site search, and im sure i have correct markup for rich snippets. Example: search



When i perform keyword search, the stars don't show in real searched.



I have emailed many times about this and even on google forum anyone have the same issue?


Is that google bug or quality issue regarding the reviews. has my site been marked as spam which is impossible cause the site is fairly new and only have 35 reviews?


Can someone please help i would be really appricated for some answers.

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So regarding to Shopify guru they pushed the ball to Google but we all know you would never got a direct answer through Google or search forum. They basically tell you no problem and asked you to wait. While it seems like if you a Shopify user you have to purchase a $160 USD theme for better structure or you get no help with tons of bug. Thank you really.

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So sorry to bother you, but im having the same problems.

I was wondering what came to the solution at last.

Cause as mentioned, Shopify product reviews works with metafields. So i did the changes similiar to yours (i hired someone yes) but what happened was the stars disappeared and they don't come back in organic search. 

Does this happen to you?

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Has this been done yet?


@John G: We're adding a "data-rating" attribute to each badge so you should be able to hide a badge with no reviews by using an attribute selector in your CSS. Something like:

.spr-badge[data-rating="0.0"] {
  display: none;
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Having trouble getting reviews to show in Search results pages. I'm guessing this is to do with the Product tag not existing in this template, only Item.

Is there any work around?

I have the code showing up but it has nowhere to draw the data from.