Need Bundling App or Order Editing App to split Bundle Products into Individual SKUs

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Our store focuses on local food, and we sell bundles of items such as Gift Baskets. (example products here)

We curate these gift baskets, meaning we don't want customers to be able to choose the items in the basket. We are also not trying to provide bulk discounts for bundling. After a customer purchases the gift basket, we need Shopify to break out the individual items for ordering from our vendors and packing.

With these in mind, we have been using ZeBundler, nearly the only app that does what we are looking for. The app wasn't perfect, but we found some work-arounds. However, ZeBundler recently released an update to the app, which seriously impacted our store, causing issues with taxes, the amount we're charging the customers, off-balance transactions, and a handful orders mysteriously not getting broken out to individual items. In addition, they haven't been quick or helpful when answering my questions around the update. 

It's the worst timing, but I think we need to find a new way to do this. We either need a new bundling app or a different way to break out these bundles. After spending a few hours searching, all the bundling apps are aimed towards bulk discounts & add ons. 

I'm starting to think we need another way to approach this. Could there be another app that edits orders after they're placed to breakout the bundles into individual items? I came across Pickle which breaks bundles out for Picking Slips, but not in the back-end reporting, which we need for ordering from our vendors.

If anyone has any creative solutions or knows different apps that could help, please let me know! I'll provide any additional information needed. I'm getting desperate at this point, as this could sink our holiday season after an already difficult year for our business.

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@SashaGIDC you either need a custom app, a theme customization or some inventory automation.

A theme customization , and notification email templates, would hideaway|suppress or redirect the individual pieces only showing the bundles.

Thus presenting a single product on the frontend all the way up to the user checking out at which point it would swap in the individual items.

If your not on shopifyPlus this may need retitling products for a cleaner presentation during /checkout. If your on shopifyPlus you'd also have other options.

Another method is if these individual items do not affect price is to use line item properties to indicate which pieces go in the order though you'd probably want backend automation to set the inventory.


For scripting there's thiers even a base script ready for modification 


For consulting,customizations, or scripting a bundled product line contact me at 


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Hi Sasha

We have actually been discussing this solution internally as a few people have requested it. What we can do is create these bundled products in our system so in Shopify they get uploaded as a unique product with title and description that you define. Then when you receive an order for one of these bundled items we import the order modify the orderlines to the actual SKUs and update the order back in Shopify. This way you are fulfilling the actual products and not a virtual bundle.

If you fulfil outside of Shopify and need to integrate that data flow we can help as well. However, there are a number of apps people use in Shopify so it is easier if you can have the orders updated correctly in there but everyone is different. If you would like to discuss the options just shoot me a message.



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