Need Shipping App that allows USPS Priority Regional Rate Boxes with Limits

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My store is at - I am currently on the Basic plan.  I would not be opposed to upgrading plan if that would solve my problem.  Nor paying no more than $20ish a month for an app.


I know you app developers work hard, but I think some are simply way too expensive for stores just starting out.  I KNOW we're losing sales because of Shopify's horrid shipping options, but I really don't know how much - which is why I can't justify paying more than $20ish a month for an app.


I sell various sized and weight home decor products, such as paint, brushes, transfers, ink, etc.  


I desire to make ZERO money on shipping, although have added +5% for shipping to cover tape and packing materials.


I have USPS and UPS enabled on my store, to include USPS First Class Package, USPS Priority and Express, and UPS Priority and Express.


I have added all allowed USPS Priority Boxes in Shopify, to include the 2 USPS Priority Regional Rate Boxes.


Sometimes, but not all the time, a shipment would be cheaper via Regional Rate Box vs. Priority, often a difference of $3.50 or more.  So, the first problem is - Shopify doesn't offer to the customer the Regional Rate Box rate, as far as I can tell.  Only normal USPS Priority.


That said, if Regional Rate was offered, someone could order too many products that won't fit inside the one of the boxes.  They're not very big.


Example - Regional Rate A box allows up to 15 lbs, and is priced on distance - regardless if it's 2 lbs, or 15 lbs, it's the same rate based on distance.  Example, shipping from Pensacola FL to Seattle WA would be $8.95 if it was 2 lbs or 15 lbs.  The Regional Rate B box allows up to 20 lbs.  


Again, problem with simply offering Regional Rate Boxes (which not sure how to do) would possibly allow someone to order more products than a particular box can hold.


I guess what I need is a way to tell Shopify or an App, 


"If 1 pint of paint, calculate USPS Regional Rate Box A vs. USPS Priority.  If Regional Rate Box A is cheaper than USPS Priority, Offer Regional Rate Box A." 


"If 4 or more pints of paint, do NOT attempt Regional Rate Box A, and only offer USPS Priority and UPS."


I need something that allows me to customize shipping rules based on product bundles, maybe?


As I said, we sell different sized items and weight.  Some are 1 inch by 1 inch, while others are 2" x 24" long tube.


Thoughts, suggestions?  


Thank you sincerely for your time.

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Hello Vonda_Youngkin,


I'm a new app developer on Shopify, please reach to me by email at so I can work on an App for you to solve your problem.




Fazil Messaoud

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Wondering if any solution every came about in the regional shipping scenario? I've been having to do regional through Pirate Ship rather than Shopify.

@messaoud_fm wrote:

Hello Vonda_Youngkin,


I'm a new app developer on Shopify, please reach to me by email at so I can work on an App for you to solve your problem.




Fazil Messaoud


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As per my understanding you have the following requirement

- Shipping solution should have Regional rates boxes rates.

- you need a way to limit shipping based on quantity

- You need to select the cheapest cost among the various services that are available for that shipment.

These features can be satisfied with the Multi Carrier Shipping label app. You can get Regonal Rate Box rates with it. You can create automation rule based on quantity such that if 1 quantity comes into cart, provide Regional rates and Priority rates. Based on that, the app will select the cheapest.