Need an app that could do this

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Not sure if there’s an app for this, New too shopify. if there is can someone point me in the right direction as this is very frustrating with multiple locations. 

if there’s multiple shipping locations how in the do I set it so at checkout it shows 2 different postage prices / which products come from which location? 

Currently, when you checkout it’s 1 item from England, 1 from Scotland. It throws the postage price all into one. Like 3.49 on top of 3.49. I need too separate this and show it’s coming from multiple. 

How do I make multiple? Like product A comes from location C. Product B comes from location A.

Thank you for any help, very very much appreciated. 


You have to set up different shipping locations and zones for this. then you can add different shipping rates according to the shipping locations.  reach out to us if you need any assistance

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