Need an app to allow coupon codes for Bundled products

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We are currently using this app for product bundles:

Honestly, it's an extremely clunky and outdated app. But it's the ONLY one we could find that actually keeps the bundled products as separate SKUs, which is necessary for our fulfillment process. It does this by applying an automatic discount on the Cart page after analyzing the line items to see if a valid bundle has been added.

The problem: bundles are our primary method of selling and the main point of our advertising, but we can't send our customers coupon codes that can be used with these bundles. This essentially prohibits us from using coupon codes at all, since the majority of our orders are for bundles.

Automatic discounts for bundled products, as well as discount code stacking, are two extremely basic features that should be included in Shopify by default. But they've ignored these requests for years and years, so now it looks like we'll need to rely on an app.

Our requirements are as follows:

  • The app must allow a discount code to be entered on the cart or checkout page.
  • The discount must be applied on TOP of the existing discount from the Bundle plugin I linked above.

If anyone knows an app that will work please let me know. I'm also open to different Bundle apps but they MUST allow us to keep separate line items (no combining multiple products into a new SKU, if I could do it that way I wouldn't need an app at all)

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We have our own bundling solution where you create a normal product but it contains bundled components which you specify in your description. This should let you define whatever discounts and coupons you need as the product is like any other product.

Once an order arrives for one of these products we split the order lines to the correct products for fulfilment purposes. 

If you would like a demo just send me an email to and I'll get my team to help get you set up and testing.



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