Need app for delivery date if store has 2 warehouses but consolidates

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I have 2 locations/warehouses, but arrange courier collections (for delivery) from only 1 location*.

- if customer selects a delivery date for products at "warehouse A" it can be same/next day delivery ...

- if customer's order includes products only at "warehouse B' the system needs to add a delay of 3 days (for me to pull in and consolidate).


Is there an app that can do this? or a company i can use to help create this function?


* in case not clear ... "warehouse A" is at my office with a small % of all products, but the balance of stock is located at "warehouse B" like an 'overflow' ... when office/warehouseA gets low on certain items I restock from warehouseB but this takes a few days ... so i need extra time to fulfil any orders

- i prefer not to set ALL orders for delayed fulfilment as many customers want same/next day delivery ... which i can do easily, as long as i have wines ready at warehouseA