Need app suggestion for getting more sales

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Hello Saleenajohn

Try "product bundling". It's a very simple and well-known strategy to increase your AOV (average order value).

There are some apps that specifically give you the ability to create bundle offers. Their differences are mostly in the design, their payment plans, and some features.

We at Fast Bundle will show your bundle offers on your products' pages like this ( Light and Dark mode):

bundle image changes as the variant is selected in bundle.png

dark desktop version.png

We have another feature that helps you show all your bundle offers on a single page called "Bundles' Page".

Bundles page.png


All the features are free. To make sure that you will have a great experience, our passionate support team will be there for you.



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What I feel is quite often overlooked in getting more sales is how well people can find information on your store or reach out to you with their questions. Unsatisfied customers are not likely to return to your store, so merchants should do everything they can to help visitors as quickly as possible and ensure they proceed to the checkout.

That’s why I would recommend checking out the HelpCenter App - , which offers three main features, all essential for better customer service.

  1. FAQ Builder - easily build well-navigable and slick FAQ page that has collapsible sections and a search bar.
  2. Helpdesk ticketing system - centralize all your inquiries regardless of the channel (email accounts, Facebook Messenger or a live cha). Have access to customer previous purchase and inquiry history for providing even better customer experience.
  3. Live chat - set up a live chat on your store within minutes for real-time communication